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Working with Tracy was a godsend. She is an absolute doll. From introduction she tucked me under her wing and guided me through the process. Her blunt honesty was just what I needed to keep me strong, focused and realistic. I am ever thankful to her for giving my girls and I the best footing to start our lives over again in such a beautiful home.

Knasi Fox

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you, Tracy, for your hard work in making it possible for me to sell and purchase a townhouse. You were extremely efficient, organized, accurate, determined, and always available during our process. First of all, it was not an easy task because the price of homes were escalating. And secondly, investors flaunted cash offers at each property which made this task even more difficult. You worked numerous hours without my knowledge in negotiating
matters with for me to decide; while simultaneously, you were answering questions that enabled me to better understand the process in order for me to make the best decision. Your 18 years of experience and expertise guided every obstacle that we encountered. I appreciated your efforts to travel across town to show me properties. Since I was not sure exactly what I
wanted, I am grateful that you connected Savombi, a member of your team, to assist me in viewing numerous properties. We discussed my likes and dislikes during our site tours while you and I collaborated about my findings and concerns at the end of each day. Our daily collaboration was extremely effective!! It was a pleasure to work with you in finding the ideal townhouse for my family and me. All and all, the experience can be very stressful; however, I felt like I was working with a friend! I thank you
for all of your efforts, great listening skills, and congenial personality to make this all possible. You are phenomenal!!

Wanda Brown Cook